Business Culture: Will You Fit In?

Fitting In
When you’re interviewing for a position, you can generally assume that you’re qualified for the job in terms of technical skills. How else would you have gotten the interview, right? The question an interviewer or hiring manager is seeking to answer isn’t whether or not this person has the skills needed to perform the job, but rather will this individual fit into the organizational culture. Just because someone can perform a job task doesn’t make him or her the most qualified candidate for the role. If a person is immersed into an environment that doesn’t suit them, it’s likely to be a short relationship. It’s impossible to get a true feel for a company’s culture without having experienced it first hand, so how can you determine whether or not their culture is right for you? While there’s no perfect formula, these are a few things you can consider when it comes to fitting into the organizational culture:

  • Is the company’s work meaningful to you? If you can’t get behind what you’re working towards, you won’t be happy for long.

  • Are the company’s values aligned with yours? If you’re surrounded by people with similar values your relationships (both personal and professional) will benefit.

  • Does your work style conflict with theirs? Maybe you prefer to be micro-managed, but this company expects you to work independently and will give you free reign. Candidate know thyself and understand how you best work as a means to understanding how you will fit into a company’s culture.

Determining whether or not a company has the same values, ideal work or work style isn’t going to just come naturally. When you’re in the interview, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to challenge the interviewer with questions because the more you’re able to learn the more you’ll get to know whether or not you want to work for them and, most importantly, whether or not you can be successful at a specific company.


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