Advancing The Multidisciplinary IRO

In today's complex business environment, the traditional role of IR is quickly adapting to incorporate knowledge and skills across disciplines including, treasury, strategy, corporate development, governance, and oftentimes economics as well. As an IR professional, these changes can be exciting but they can also feel overwhelming and burdensome when there is no clear path for how to successfully integrate these new demands into the traditional IR role.

This is the motivation behind a panel I will be moderating today called “Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now: Advancing the Multidisciplinary IRO” at the 2016 NIRI Annual Convention. This panel will be a discussion with IR professionals, Ms. Jane McCahon, Mr. Sam Levenson, and Ms. Michelle Lewis who will be revealing the “secret sauce” that allows an IRO to increase their corporate value by intentionally planning to become a Multidisciplinary IRO.

Here are a few of the learning objectives that will be addressed in the panel that can also be used to spark your own inquiry into the transforming IR role:

  1. Learn why a broad skillset outside the traditional IR remit is crucial to advancing your career

  2. Learn how you can position yourself to gain these skills and knowledge base

  3. Learn solutions for taking your career to the next level

IR professionals, I want to hear from you about your experience with this topic:

  • What has been your experience with the Multidisciplinary IRO?

  • In your current IR role, what struggles or triumphs have you had with bridging the gap between different disciplines?

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